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It is a degenerative joint disease.The changes were seen between vertebral body and formation of bony spur-osteophyte between spinal column.This spondylosis eventually leads into the narrowing-compression of spinal canal either at cervical area, lumbar area or both.When ever spondylosis affecting the cervical area it is called cervical spondylosis. If it occurs at Lumbar-called Lumbar spondylosis

Disc extrusion; compression; herniation and prolapse

According to my view the above so called cervical spondylosis ends up or leads to cervical disc herniation.

Eg. C2-C3/C4-C5

If the strain; restless character; repeated fall; Body shake leads to weakness in Lumbar area L4-L5/L5-S1 and disc herniation or prolapse.

Patients reports and category:

According to Dr. Sheby he / she- who works continuously at office in prolong sitting, absence of proper exercise;

Suffering mental stress during job and personal life.
Obeise patients
Patients having history of repeated muscle sprain at Lumbar area or cervical area.
Fall while lifting a heavy objects.
Women have a history of fall at the time of Pregnant; Menstrual period
Professionals like IT and Bank employees and drivers.
Special signs

As per Dr Sheby’ss experience, pain may or may not be reported with spondylitis Patients. Still, they might have the following special signs.

They had radiating pain or numbness from the affected area towards the distal extremity. Like upper Limb or lower Limb.

Cervical Spondylosis Features
Feeling of giddiness(Special kind of stage in which mimics-vertigo)
Radiating pain-numbness towards Breast; Chest; Lower back and arms
Discomfort for the respiration (at night)
Burning sensation at shoulder; spine and wrist joint.
Feeling of loosen the grip during holding mobile phone: objects and computer especially at affected area.
Lumbar spondylosis

Dr Sheby has the inference of his patients who is having Lumbar spondylosis with L4/L5/L5-S1 disc problems bearing –

a) Recurrent urinary infection and its characteristic features

b) Pain at the genital area from Loin

Radiating pain from Lumbar area (lower back towards calf muscle; knee joint)
Extruciating pain at sole
Especially at the calcaneal bony area; Heal area
Painfull intercourse of exhaustion
Irregularly of menstrual cycle
Excessive bleeding without any reason
In continuence of urine in women


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Our Special Treatments:

Dr Sheby, personally found out a solution for the below mentioned

1. Lumbar spondylosis 2. Cervical spondylosis 3. Disc problems 4. Carpel tunnel syndrome; Tennis elbow etc.- by blending Keraleeya traditional treatment with Panchakarma therapy

Not only the usual oil massage but pouring streamline of special kind of herbal juice and decoction upon the affected area in an optimum hot atmosphere, we called it kashaya dhara. Around 45 minutes twice in a day.

Mareena-Vasthi – Highly potentiated oil used like enema after lunch.

Thulsi Nasyam – Applying special high-grade superior oil or herbal juices at nostrils after steaming at early morning.


Detoxify and cleanse the body; all the vertebral column using medicated ghee for 5 days. coz our diets, food habits were toxified by the adulterated foodstuffs, dyes, chemicals in foodstuffs during these decades.


Try to expel all the vitiated problems after the guidness of a physician in a controlled manner.


Recently we had umpteen bitter experience in practice world. we had umpteen patients having various kind of ALLERGIES, SKIN DISEASE like PSORIASIS; DISC PROLAPSES; INFERTILITY; RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS; SLE; we had studied those case on the base of adultered foods, chemically added foodstuffs. Results were shocking many of the multinational, national brands of foodstuffs had unique secret chemicals, dyes, reagents which mimics the genuine foodstuffs. Even most of the foodstuffs carry a special kind of packing words like milk products, foodstuff, frozen desert eg. in ice cream, milk powders, pasteurized milk. That means we cant go for a legal arbitration against the company. But we are forced to intake highly toxic, metallic contents food, dangerous chemical reagents, colouring agents in the day to day fast food style. That means we are becoming SPONDYLOTIC; PSORIATIC; DEPRESSIVE PERSONALITY; after intoxicated mind and body. If you have undergone especially prep organic homemade herbal detoxification package at our Research Institute you get back your vigour, vitality and free movements.

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